Mileage Log Templates

Mileage log templates are the automatic trackers for recording miles of the vehicles’ both for personal and business use. This mileage log template contains date, starting point, duration, distance, destination, purpose of trip, starting and ending mileages and other costs related to the trip. Mileage logs can be according to the distance and time, distance and fuel used or according to the miles covered and the expenses. These logs can be created in form of simple document in a Adobe Acrobat PDF, word or in excel spread sheet format. To calculate the mileages of any type we have to be sure about the starting and ending of that mileage. There are different types of mileage logs like business mileage logs, personal mileage logs, trips mileage logs. We can also additional information in mileage log while traveling like expenses for fuel, lunches, meetings or other travel expenditures.

Mileage log templates made on excel sheets can calculate the data automatically. Odometers record is also very important for maintaining of mileage logs because the records starts and ends with the reading of odometer. Mileages logs are one of the most important tools mobile workforce managers use to capture, reimburse, and report on employees’ business driving. If used effectively, mileage logs create a clear picture of personal and business usage that is both accurate and defensible in the event of an audit. The daily commutes from home to office are not included in business mileages but if we travel to another company for our office work that will be counted as business mileage. We can keep a notebook for mileage log and upgrade it by hand, or use a spreadsheet to regularly track our mileage. As of advance technologies now we can also use mileage-tracking apps. But we have to update our record systematically to ensure that our data is precise.

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Mileage log Template

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Mileage Log Templates

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Mileage Log Templates

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