Maintenance Log Templates

These maintenance log templates are accounts of what, when, how, where, and why a certain thing happened. A maintenance log template could be an equipment maintenance log, a building maintenance log, a heavy equipment maintenance log, employer’s maintenance log or a vehicle maintenance log. A maintenance log template helps to sustain the condition of the particular thing i.e. equipment, building or a vehicle. It helps to determine and estimate its condition, the extent of damage, renovation, repair, or its other particulars. It includes a complete record as if what sort of damage occurred if any, what was the date when it occurred, what did it cost to make up this damage, detailed description of the type of maintenance operation carried out, who performed this maintenance, validation by the person who carried it out, the date on which next maintenance is planned and remarks.

Maintenance log templates aim to keep a track of all accomplished tasks. An employer maintenance log includes the record of each and every task performed in any office or working place from day to day and includes the description of the kind of the task performed, the name of the performer, hours consumed in doing that task and this is vital for the companies that pay on hour basis. A vehicle maintenance log template consists of the clauses like mileage, oil, oil filter, tier service and miscellaneous. For a building maintenance log the things to be recorded include the interior, exterior, plumbing, electrical and other appliances. An equipment maintenance log constitutes the serial number of the equipment, date checked out, prospective date of return, name of the person who took it, date of return, signature of the returnee, and the signature of the witness. In a nutshell, maintaining a maintenance log is a history of the system and is helpful in avoiding bad experiences.

Images of Maintenance Log Templates

Equipment maintenance log

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Maintenance Log Templates

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Maintenance Log Templates

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