Daily Log Template

A daily log template is a summary of hourly conditions and keeps track of all the events incidents or progress that take place at a work place on every work day. Generally this log will help you stay accountable for your daily objectives as well as keep your managers or supervisors up to date. These logs are also an effective place to include any success and implements from the day. It is very useful tool to keep record of your daily performance and transactions. This daily log format is a simple tool that can also help in reviewing as well as reporting on log activity. By using daily log template you can easily keep yourself focused on the productivity. Generally in construction management the daily log is very essential because it records the number of workers and number of work instruments at the construction website.

Benefits of Daily Log Template

This log gives the owner insight into the project and also admissible in court as documentary proof. Therefore owners and project managers are very interested in reviewing these logs consistently. This log can be a book, software or a software program into which manager or supervisor records the daily activities that helps to make sure that the project organization and also keeps tabs on day to day happening. The daily log document includes the following information such as date, time of incidents, work performed, safety topics, worker conflicts, general management, problems and delays. Once all activities and steps are recorded in log template, therefore the chances of loss and wastage reduced to nominal level. Keeping log helps in managing time and cost. It is very effective tool for time management. It is important to note here that time management is the most important segment of any business. A daily log template helps in time management which increases the effectiveness and performance of employees.

Image of Daily Log Template

Daily work log template

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Daily Log Template

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Daily Log Template

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