Daily Lesson Log Template

A daily lesson log template is an official or it may be a personal record of activities, instruction, learning experiences and student learning outcomes for a class. These are the guidelines meant to support teachers to organize and manage the resources of their lessons. Daily lesson log template contains detail instructions followed by the outline formed which contains objective, subject to teach, methodology, references, assessment and assignments. The objective shows what a teacher wants to teach to the students and the outcome of his /her teaching. Subject to teach refers to the particular contents which will be focused during the lecture. Methodology for every subject and lesson are different and can be according to the students need and topic of under consideration, Av-aids used are also very beneficial for students. References include the sources from where the information’s has been gathered. Assessments and assignments are substantial because they assure you that your daily log has helped you in outcome of your lesson.

By planning the lesson through daily log are productive because through them lessons are planed step by step and teacher teaches in an organized way and when a teacher gets experience after 2-3 years there is no need to plan the lecture just check the daily lesson log make some alteration according to the obligation. Daily lesson log templates can be formatted according to type of subject and lesson. For all levels of classes daily lesson logs helps the teacher a lot to improve the methodology of teaching. As a teacher is a role model for a student so logs helps a teacher to organize the instructions of the lesson and come in front of students in well planned manner. These daily lesson log formats also save the time of teachers to search the information regarding lesson every time the lesson being taught.

Image of Daily Lesson Log Template

Daily Lesson Log Template

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Daily Lesson Log Template

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Daily Lesson Log Template

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